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a collaborative and personable mediator

An engaged professional who understands the challenges and benefits of participating in the mediation process.
My experience tells me that mediation conducted in a supportive environment allows both sides to engage constructively and provides the best opportunity for resolution. I recognise that parties need a safe environment to allow them to better communicate, collaborate and ultimately to find a way forward. My objective as mediator is to create that safe space and to respectfully support all the participants to obtain the outcome that they are looking for.

Having worked on both sides of a dispute,
I understand why emotions and perspectives
of all participants are to be respected.

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process facilitated by an impartial third party – the mediator. The mediator is there to assist the parties identify their needs and interests and to assist them actively participate in the process.

a trauma informed lawyer with more than 20 years practice acting for both sides of a dispute.

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availability & bookings

My calendar is set up for bookings of either a half-day or full-day mediation. I will accept shorter timed mediations on request. I will also block out multiple days if required.

All prices include 2 hours of reading. Additional reading time will be charged at $250 plus GST per hour.

There is no additional charge for additional parties. The cost is for the mediation.


plus GST


plus GST